Better known as “a few things to watch for if you’re suspicious”

It’s a sad reality that people are not always monogamous in relationships.

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  1. Hiding your cell phone screen so your spouse can’t see it.

2. Jumping or even slightly jerking your phone hand when your spouse walks up behind you.

3. Not being accountable with your money. Big money decisions should always be made together.

4. Being (or pretending to be) overly jealous. Often the guilty party is suspicious of the other, or using the old “offense is the best defense” ploy.

5. Not answering your phone when your significant other calls.

6. Initiating Facebook messages/texts (or responding to them) to people of the opposite sex and HIDING it from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Nobody is saying you can’t talk to someone just because they are not the same gender as you are. The fact that you are being secretive about it is cause for concern.

7. Having a secret email.

8. Having a secret bank account.

9. Having a secret apartment.

10. Suddenly taking more care with your appearance — new clothes, new haircut, different cologne.

11. Calling your significant other by the wrong name. This is a BIG NO NO!

12. Comparing your spouse to others.

13. Not fully committing. When you leave yourself other options, it often means that you are already exploring them.

14. Never acknowledging your significant other in public. This could be as simple as a status on Facebook, or it could be by not taking her or him to a family reunion or ballgame with you.

15. Talking negatively about your significant other to your friends, while saying positive things about an ex.

16. Starting an argument so you can storm out of the house, especially if you stay gone all night.

17. Discouraging your spouse from showing up at or calling your job, even if it is an accepted practice.

18. Lying to your partner about ANYTHING. If you will lie about one thing, you will lie about another.

19. Speaking of lying, another way to look like a cheater is to quickly dart your eyes in another direction while denying that you are having an affair.

20. Not supporting your partner’s dreams — ever. No matter what they are. However, talking up someone else’s ideas like they are the best thing since chopped beef! This clearly shows that you aren’t concerned with your partner’s happiness and well-being, and probably aren’t in it for the long haul anyway.

21. After being confronted with the possibility of cheating, run your spouse some bathwater and treat her like a queen for the first time in…well, for the first time EVER!! This does not reassure her, but shows her that CLEARLY something is UP! Either you have CHEATED or you have SERIOUSLY ENTERTAINED THE THOUGHT!

No one knows you better than the person you have been living with.

Instead of being a low-down scum-sucker, why don’t you come clean and confess WHATEVER it is that you’ve done?

Often, people cheat because they don’t feel validated in a relationship, feel unloved, unworthy, unappreciated, and/or insecure.

No other person can make you happy, nor are they responsible for doing so.

Anything that’s worth anything takes commitment and work.

My name is Allison Divine Bridges and I’m an artist and a writer. I write about personal development, recovery, motivational things, and the struggles we all face! You can find more inspiration at https://moodyoops.com

I write about recovery, life, grief, personal responsibility, social issues, and overcoming. Email: allison@moodyoops.com, Blog: https://moodyoops.com/

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