There’s something more profound than grief.

I was thinking about the year my son has had, more of a struggle than most have been, although he’s seen much tragedy and hardship already. This year has brought with it a lot of change and a great deal of loss.

And not just minor loss, but the kind…

A poem written when a friend died from liver cancer.

photo by a divine

On the last day of the year I went to tell a friend goodbye

And he didn’t want to leave and I admit it made me cry

But I said it anyway, held his hand, then walked out the door

And it’s the first day of…

Society’s constructs, and how we are all victimized by them.

This is how it started for me. I put a little pink in my hair and the world went crazy. You’d think the sun fell out of the sky or something.

Apparently, you can dye your hair black, brown, yellow, red or a combination of any of those, but you…

But don’t worry ‘bout me.

debris lying on floor of destroyed building

I’ll be fine.

We all will.

A little thing like a major hurricane ain’t enough to keep us down. Not forever anyway.

Y’all keep on having your petty little wars about whoever is superior to whoever else.

I get it.

We all do.

And while y’all are fighting, maybe take a minute to remember the entire nursing home full of PEOPLE who were left behind during…

What it really looks like

Loving God sounds easy, but don’t read this if you aren’t brave enough to face yourself.

I always considered loving God from a selfish point of view. I love Him because of all He gives me, for blessing me with life, for sending Jesus to die for my sins.

But to love Him just for being GOD is a lot more terrifying because it causes you to be morally just, but not at all socially acceptable.


Allison Divine

I write about recovery, life, grief, personal responsibility, social issues, and overcoming. Email:, Blog:

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