Reasons for Writing

Even though I’m not getting paid.

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Kids who have great childhoods can still be depressed.

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Building a website is tough if you’re a newbie.

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Pivoting is sometimes your saving grace.

One of the main takeaways is that you can’t expect to jump in and start making money immediately.

I’ve learned you can’t hope to write about writing, or be an authority on it, if you’ve only been writing on this platform for a short time.

Tons of articles say the only way to get people to read your work is if you’re clearly solving a problem for them.

I can only write with any authority about what I know.

My words are only words.

I believe that God gives us good gifts so that we will use them for others.

I write about recovery, life, grief, personal responsibility, social issues, and overcoming. Email:, Blog:

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